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Christians throughout the United States observe January as Sanctity of Human Life Month. This is an opportunity for churches to remember the millions of lives lost to abortion since 1973. It is important for us to not only remember the lives lost, but to pray and provide the resources needed by young mothers so they will not see abortion as an answer to their situations.

The LIGHT House is on the front lines, working with young women and their families in sharing the truth about the sanctity of human life and providing the services and ministries necessary to protect life – before and after birth.

The LIGHT House opened in 1985, out of the Youth for Christ Initiative. After many years of operating independently, The LIGHT House became an affiliate of MBCH Children and Family Ministries in 2012; this has proven to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

The mission statement of The LIGHT House states that: “The LIGHT House is committed to serving God by responding to the needs of children, youth, and families to ensure all Life Is Given Hope for Tomorrow.”

Throughout the years, the services and programs offered have evolved to meet the most pressing needs of our community. The LIGHT House provides love, support and guidance in meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those experiencing unplanned pregnancies. These ministries provide Christian care – not only for the preborn – but for babies, children, adolescents and teenagers.

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Currently, The LIGHT House offers three main programs: residential, outreach and adoption. In 2018, all three programs were accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

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Our residential maternity home accepts clients age 12-21. These clients can be pregnant or parenting a child under the age of three. The maternity home provides a safe, loving place for these young ladies to live while giving life to their babies. The main goal of this program is to teach the mothers parenting and life skills through education in Christ. These skills are learned through intensive case management, counseling and education.

Our outreach program serves the Kansas City community as a whole. We provide several services, including, but not limited to: weekly parent education classes for mothers and fathers (educational and support group formats), community education (Tech Savvy Parenting, Sexual Risk Avoidance, Post-Partum Mood Disorder support groups and court mandated parenting education) and Bible study. Additionally, we provide supplies to those in need through our Baby Boutique (clothing, wipes, diapers and personal care products).

The adoption program of The LIGHT House works with both waiting families and expectant mothers. Expectant mothers receive support from our adoption manager, who helps the expectant family navigate the adoption process. Waiting families receive education, training and support through the adoption and home study process. We ensure that all adoption participants are educated and supported throughout the entire adoption process.

In addition to the pro-life ministries of The LIGHT House, MBCH Children and Family Ministries also provides services to young mothers from the Lowe-Frillman Campus in Bridgeton. Young mothers are served both through Maternity Homes on campus and through in-home services in the St. Louis and Southeast Missouri areas.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our girls, babies and staff. Together we are making a difference. 

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