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February 6, 2020

To the Editor:

I appreciated the recent opinion article by Eric Minton, “Why progressive Christians need to talk more about sin.” In my singular opinion, Minton is very much on target.

For whatever reason, those of us who think of ourselves as Christian progressives often bypass sermons or conversations about sin. Perhaps we have become persuaded that it is pointless to preach or talk about the obvious. However, it makes sense to me – and apparently to Minton – to make a great deal of sin and its consequences.

Throughout American history, times have come when our consciences were slammed by the large amount of sinful behavior. Perhaps some would declare that we are once again being smacked by sin so abominably that it’s useless to say anything about it. Just wait and let God take care of it!

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However, it makes sense to me that this is a time of great opportunity for the church and for her ministers. What a time to declare the good news of Jesus! Our country appears to be wallowing in sin – corruption on every corner, lying rampantly by people in power, licentiousness up and down and all around. Carl Menninger asked the obvious question years ago, “Whatever happened to sin?”

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I also sense in some lives a sincere hunger for the spiritual touch from God. Maybe it’s time for progressives and others to point out again the obvious source of satisfying that spiritual hunger, Jesus. He has changed many of our lives from sin-stained to sin-forgiven. Let’s share the obvious to others of how Jesus can do something similar for them.

Ronald Grizzle
Flowery Branch, Georgia

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