Trump Celebrates Acquittal at White House, Apologizes to His Family for Having to Go Through 'Very R

Trump Celebrates Acquittal at White House, Apologizes to His Family for Having to Go Through ‘Very Rotten Deal’ What’s coming up next? Have a look at our program guide:

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  1. Panem Et Circenses
    Bread and Circuses
    We are witnessing the fall of the most prosperous nation that the world has ever known.
    Trump will win the next election, and per Daniel 5:25
    God sent this hand and wrote these words:
    מנא מנא תקל ופרסין
    The Writing is on the Wall.
    We are at the Beginnings of Sorrows per Matthew 24.
    The Countdown to the
    Post-Tribulation Rapture / Return of Jesus will be set when the 'Peace Treaty' is signed by Israel and the 'Many' and 'confirmed' (strengthened) by the AntiChrist.
    To those who are true Believers, we are at the greatest time in History. Preach the Gospel, do the work of an Evangelist.
    We are His Witnesses/Martyrs.
    Jesus will return for us on
    The Last Day.

  2. Christians, by whatever label or denomination, claim to believe that Jesus is fully God and fully Man and the sacrificial Lamb and Savior. Yet it is brave Mitt Romney, an avowed Mormon, who stands not only in front of the U.S. Senate, but in front of the entire World, and proclaims his faith, integrity and his sacred duty before God and his fellow Americans, and rises up as a true statesman and upholds his oath of Office and duty to our Constitution.
    Whatever price Senator Romney will have to pay at the hands of the Republicans, he will not be ashamed at the Bema Seat of Christ.
    Sad that those who say they believe in Jesus as God and Savior allow a farcical Senate Fake Trial without Witnesses.
    When Trump wins in November 2020, the whole world will lose, including the United States.

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