Not Over Yet: Democrats Plan More Investigations as Trump Celebrates Acquittal

Not Over Yet: Democrats Plan More Investigations as Trump Celebrates Acquittal

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  1. Why do the dems think it is ok to say they are going to impeach when there is no a crime? I think that is harrassment.
    And what they did was charge the President with abusing power with no underlying crime. That's like you being charged with reckless driving, but you didn't get charged with speeding, running stop signs, or lane change violations that show you're driving recklessly. These people are sick and deserve to be removed from office.

  2. Mostly get rid of Pelosi! She has a vendetta and because she can’t accept the truth and that she was wrong, she will continue spending our tax dollars for this BS instead of doing things for this country that could really make a difference!!

  3. Without the Democrats we would not have any real distractions and entertainment. Without Democrats we would be rid of US Inc. and all it's chain of frauds. Long live the Democrats. Long live Misdirection. Long live entertainment. American freedom must be suppressed at all cost. Good cop bad cop is the American way. The carrot must forever dangle in the JackAss's face. Long live American way!

  4. I’m sick of the demon dems !! Trump is the best president we had in years!! He really cares about America and the citizens !! He has some serious situations going on to protect America from war ,instead of dealing with Antichrist dems who’s pushing for the new world order!! What a waste of taxpayers money!!

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the people stormed the house took these people by the wrist and hollered ask his whole are arresting you and holding you for treason now wouldn't that be something I bet you that would make the news

  6. Also what are we going to do about the Democrats trying to cheat with this new thing they tried out in Iowa that didn't even work that's so that they can make it easy for them to cheat and another thing 12 states have made it legal to give driver driving privileges to illegals that have come here illegally probably can't even speak English so that means that they can take this driver's license down to the voters registration and vote let's do something about this 12 States people that's a lot of illegals voting

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