Palestinian Violence Surges in Wake of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ 2/7/20

Palestinian violence surges in the wake of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’; and Jerusalem – the thorniest issue – Palestinians want more than offered; plus an Israeli innovation could help stop spread of Coronavirus and fulfill biblical …



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  1. Palestinians are continually violent. We should not be making any deals with them. Jerusalem belongs to Israel. All of it. Don't give any more land to Islam. They have no desire for peace.

  2. These Arab squatters are so backwards that they can not even grasp the concept of an offer. I wouldn't offer these terrorist anything except an expedited ticket to hell. They have no right to the land, they have no historical claim to the lands of Israel. If so where are all of the "Palestinian" antiquities? There are none because there is no such thing as a Palestinian. They have no leverage to make any kind of demands of the United States nor of Israel. They should round them up and deport them all back to where their families originally came from either Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc.

  3. Palestinians wants more than they have been offered no sir how can they accept pieces of more that was taken from them in the west bank and east jerusalem after 1967 . The deal of the century means no more than the theft of the century . It is similar to someone s intrusion in somebody s house denying him entrance claiming God had given it to him . Can God bare this injustice to happen . We all know that the bible and Holly books were inspired performed copies of sumerian cultural heritage after exil of cananites to Babylon by king nebuccodenazar . So people of the third millenium aren t naive to be fooled by an age of stone rhetoric .

  4. That’s so weird. They were getting along so well before. The economic piece must have upset them. They’d have a ton of money to invest in businesses and put their people to work- which is one thing they said they wanted… but something must have upset them. They’re a peace loving group, I’m sure they’ll move forward.

  5. Bible says that God will make those nation's surrounding Israel Drunk with fury too desire to destroy her, and then we and the entire all of humanity will see God destroy millions just prophecy unfolding world read the book

  6. I appreciate President Trump and his desire solve this age old issue. But in all truthfulness the deal was doomed on both sides. ISRAEL AND JERUSALEM are the property of the Jewish people PERIOD!!! The Palestinian people are occupiers in the JEWISH STATE. They have no real historical ties to the land. JERUSALEM has been the Israeli capital for 3000 years, 1500 years before any so called Palestinians ever arrived. The other issue that dooms the plan is the Palestinians don't want peace with israel or at least the PA doesn't. Thru out the history of these negotiations, the Palestinians have rejected every offer and refuse to take out their charter, the goal of destroying the JEWISH STATE. A (2) STATE solution is the political efforts of men to solve this situation which has and will fail. The land of Israel was deeded to the Israeli people by Jehovah GOD as an EVERLASTING POSSESSION!!! See GENESIS 15 & 17 )The ANTICHRIST will seemingly solve this situation but his plan will collapse in Middle the TRIBULATION PD. (See Daniel 9:27) Only THE PRINCE OF PEACE will solve this issue!!! Bless you,

  7. Bible makes it very clear. The antichrist is the one that will make the peace between those nations. Has nothing to do with Christians. All we have to do is to pray for the twelve tribes of Israel (God's true nation)

  8. Let's be realistic there will never be true peace in the Middle East until our Lord and Savior returns… It's always interesting to hear from people who always have an opinion or something to say when they don't present any other options expect their opinion….

  9. If the Palestinian want more out of the deal, making violence against Israel won't get them what they want. After this action as an Israelite I would be afraid to give them more. Because they are acting like an unhappy wife that you can never please.

  10. Bow down to the God of Israel you who worship other "Gods". Your worthless Gods are not real. Your praying his heard on deaf ears! For your sins have made you worthless in sight of Yahweh! With who's blood are your sins forgiven? Your righteousness is like dung that the Lord will smear on your faces! When you come against Israel you come against the Almighty! David will not fail to have a successor on the throne! Try with all your anger to tare down Israel and all you will find is wrath for you and your families in the end and a fire that will never be quenched!!!

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