'Pandora's Box Has Been Opened': Coronavirus Deaths Surpass SARS – Doctor Who Sounded Alarm Ends up

‘Pandora’s Box Has Been Opened’: Coronavirus Deaths Surpass SARS – Doctor Who Sounded Alarm Ends up Dead

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  1. My husband is a trucker. He got to the yard last night to pick up his load and was informed that if this continues, they will be shutting down the trucking companies over here in the US. Better stock up on food and water.

  2. Amen prayers to those suffering from this virus. Some are hospitalized but those are the affluent. Many are suffering in their home many alone! The Father is with them who suffer . The angels gather around and comfort them ! They cover them with healing white robes in Jesus mighty Name ! Thank you Lord !

  3. People need to go look for the horrific video being leaked out by brave Chinese citizens. Don’t believe even what our own “free” media and government is telling you, it is so much worse. The extreme measures China is taking against its own population, that you aren’t being told about is horrific. The scale of China’s response is off the charts. The government is scared sh1tless and the draconian measures they are taking is off the charts. Don’t wait to be fed information go search this information out

  4. Africa: no flu virus. Europe: no flu virus. North America: no flu virus. South America: no flu virus. Russia: no flu virus. Australia: no flu virus. New Zealand: no flu virus.Antarctica: no flu virus. China: flu virus every few years. Chinese communist Party: "PRACTICE" YEAH CHINA #1

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