Illegal Border Crossings Plunge as Migrants from Pakistan to Honduras Run Into Mexico's Bureaucracy

Illegal Border Crossings Plunge as Migrants from Pakistan to Honduras Run Into Mexico’s Bureaucracy



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  1. If you become pregnant but can't afford to raise a child then get an ab0rtion .
    Do not try to illegally migrate to the USA in order to give your kid a "better life". It is not fair to the people who have to wait to come legally

  2. We've been under siege for a couple years now. All of the events are working to bring the dollar and the LAST OF THE CHRISTIAN INFLUINCE in the world.
    I hear " CHRISTIANS" talk about preparing for persecution,had they been walking in the Holy 🔥 Spirit they would be in persecution already.

  3. The argument is completely upside down for the Left. They never talk about why the economies south of the border are bad. The real issue is the way people think down there. We all live on our beliefs and our state of condition reflects our beliefs and mentality.
    Now consider this…. why are conditions bad in South America?
    I say conditions are bad because people and nations in South America have bad beliefs and they act on those beliefs. For one thing they are a lot more socialistic then the United States. So, what has this done for them??? And, will persons who come out of these societies and cultures help America? No.
    I understand how these persons see opportunities in America but did it ever occur to them why there are opportunities in America? Did these opportunities just pop out of thin air? No! America’s opportunities came out of a foundation of good beliefs, values, and principals. Yes America has been not perfect in its history but it’s far better in its belief system then South America is.
    Finally, before some scream ‘Ugly American!’ consider this. If South American thought is better then America thought then why are it’s people fleeing to the United States? If South American beliefs are better then ours then why are ‘Ugly South Americans’ not staying in South America? If America is so racist and bigoted then why come here??
    It’s all about money people. Outsiders want our money and want nothing to do with the culture and belief system that undergirds the reality in why we have money and opportunities in the first place.
    They don’t want you or me. They want our money and opportunities.

    Who wants people like that!🤔🇺🇸

  4. The ILLEGAL Haitian complains about Mexico 's bureaucracy, the Donald Trump not "going to touch me."

    First, President Trump is not the touchy feely Joe Biden, and you sound like any whinging complainer whining about the price of food, while their MOUTHS ARE FULL.


  5. They don't understand that flooding the United States is only going to make America just like where they are coming from … instead they need to make where they are similar to here. Model what is important and get rid of the garbage.

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