A pastoral response to the announced closing of Logsdon Seminary

Every university board and president have to make their decisions. So it is that the top leadership team of Hardin Simmons University has voted to close Logsdon Seminary. While I strongly disagree with their decision, I pray for God’s blessings as they go forward. I particularly pray with gratitude for the faculty, students, staff and supporters who made Logsdon into a seminary that has blessed our world.

The congregation I pastor, Trinity Baptist Church of San Antonio, was glad and proud to join with HSU to offer excellent seminary degree programs for men and women from America’s fastest-growing region. We dedicated ourselves and a portion of our campus to this sacred calling. The Lord blessed by enabling us to connect with incredibly gifted and faithful people. Those students, graduates and faculty are dedicated ministers serving in Texas and in other regions of the world.

We live in an age where the combination of uncompromising gospel values and adaptive leadership are required to serve effectively in our fast-paced world. Trinity Baptist Church is proud to have partnered in Logsdon’s noble work. Grateful for what has been, we look to the future in additional ways that we can help brave women and men to be prepared best to serve God. Our fractured world desperately needs the gospel’s applied power to heal hurts and build hope.

Pastor Les Hollon
Trinity Baptist Church
San Antonio
Written from Zambia on hearing the decision made by HSU’s board and president

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