Is There Room for Us? Pro-Life Democrats Keep Asking Their Presidential Candidates, Only One Says '

Is There Room for Us? Pro-Life Democrats Keep Asking Their Presidential Candidates, Only One Says ‘Yes’



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  1. Please lady…. go to the side of the people who hears the desperate cry of a baby in the womb…. begging for life from her dear mum!!!! You don't have to be religious to join them. … they are loving and compassionate people…. They will welcome you with open arms….

  2. Why does it matter if they are inclusive w/ their words or not? Essentially, if they say they are inclusive, but are Pro-Choice, they are simply lying to you! They will ALWAYS vote in favor of anything that favors abortion. When you vote for those candidates, you are voting in favor of abortion, bottom line. Why stick with a party that CLEARLY stands for aborting babies, if you are Pro-Life? It makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever! 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. If you become pregnant but can't afford to raise a child then get an ab0rti0n .
    I'm tired of seeing tax dollars going to fund foster care and welfare programs like food stamps to support children born to couples who reproduced when they couldn't afford to raise a child.

    I am a proud pro-Choice Republican

  4. 40 to 60 million Americans are dead now who could be voting Democratic now. The party's pro choice view has killed the party and continues to kill future democrats. There is no room in the party for pro-life, just as there is no room for me – a registered "deplorable" democrat.

  5. Trump has one policy that he just recently switched on prolife, my question is this, "how many woman has he pressured into getting an abortion, bullied into getting one?!"
    Or just the fact denies/denied his wife to have more children, told his current wife if you promise not to get fat you can have a kid…I mean if you think that is prolife, then you probably think locking your child in a cage for 12 years is parenting…

    The democratic party is pro choice, the Republican party is mostly pro choice, when did we think would end, Im sorry folks, you are sorely deceived, this shall not end till we meet Jesus Christ face to face.

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