Seminary closing ‘solely a financial decision’

It has been a week since the board of trustees decided to close Logsdon Seminary.

President Bruntmyer sent a letter to the Hardin-Simmons University community providing a rationale for the decision and another containing the details of restructuring efforts on Friday. Unfortunately, his emails failed to answer several questions concerning the Logsdon endowment and the actual amount the closing of Logsdon saves HSU.

It oversimplified the history of the Logsdon graduate programs. The Logsdon School of Theology is the parent institution for both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The trustees never intended separation between the School of Theology and the Seminary. They named the seminary Logsdon Seminary of the Logsdon School of Theology.

The Master of Divinity degree started in 1995, predating the formation of the seminary in 2004.

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The money in the Logsdon endowment goes to both undergraduate and graduate programs. President Bruntmyer’s latest email presents the board’s decision with the misconception that the Logsdon endowment always belonged to undergraduate programs. The truth is not that simple.

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Mathew Broyles, M.Div. ’12, Abilene

Jonathan Davis, D.Min. ’19, Tappahonnock, VA

Masyn Evans-Clements, M.Div. student, Austin

Joshua Clayton Giddens, Rochester

Sarah Neeley, M.Div. ’09, Mineola

Bridgette Onion Langford, M.Div. ’16, Belton

Carlo Sosa-Ortiz, M.Div. student, Abilene

The above signatories are the administrators  for the Save Logsdon Seminary Facebook group, which has more than 450 members.

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