'We Are Asking People to Pray': Chinese Stockpiling Food as Virus Fears Increase

‘We Are Asking People to Pray’: Chinese Stockpiling Food as Virus Fears Increase



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  1. It's a shame that the Chinese suffering from this virus are the citizens of communist dictatorship ! If the virus were to run through the government then it would be a good thing ! As a matter of fact I would bet the Chinese government made this virus and it got out of their hands somehow ! aid to foreign countries rarely gets to the people that need it, after they receive it, it mysteriously disappears in to the pockets of the leadership !

  2. Pray for China, yes. Free their slaves. Come to Jesus. Convert to Christian. Chinese are brilliant people. Oldest empire. Pray that they come to Jesus and the Lord's will be done. Peace on earth, goodwill to men. See churches rise all over.

  3. Chinese people should stop eating animals, and being less cruel and more merciful to them. Their lifestyles concerning food is unhealthy not only for the body but also for their souls, their karma. What goes around comes around! they should refine their nourishment.

  4. Vaccine may burden the immune system and not help? Glad they are getting ready with food etc.. Sunlight helps the immune system. Vit C/fish oil/Vit A/Vit D3 5000IU/Zn/Mg/herbs like garlic/oil of oregano and more may help.

  5. Prayer always works especially when you pray to true living God who died for our sins…Jesus Christ. I have been healed of incurable disease when i accepted Him as my Lord n Saviour. I was devout Hindu but when i was faced with death, He healed me n delivered…not those million idols i worshipped. It dawned on me that the joy world offers is in no comparision with the true joy I got in His presence….yes, i am praying for those who are suffering whether they are believers or not. We are all children of God who created us in His own image….

  6. Definition of division. Disagreement between two or more groups, typically producing tension or hostility. As great as our leaders claim to be. None of them can bring the US to a more agreeable place. If you want to know why. It's easy to find out. If you can figure out the true intention of any person, you reveal why they do what they do. What is the purpose of war, hate, greed, racism, religion? I want to read your answers.

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