On The Home Front – February 18, 2020

One company, Shields of Strength, faces a potential legal battle for its right to make dog-tags with scriptures for America’s soldiers who want them. Military bases are being called on to house people returning from overseas with the threat …



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  1. This is a Communism organizations trying to destroy our military. He wants to remove God from our servicemen as they go into battle with Glee they our men are dying separated from God.
    Yet, you can't take God from our hearts.

  2. They have tried to take our Bibles from the military.
    WWII, dad's Bible shoched is the only thing they found when A German bomb miss our hqtrs in London and hit the men's barrack's.
    God used His word to encourage me in the Vietnam war. Every service person should be allow to ware under their t-shirt in battle.
    Know several has been save by a bullet stopping in a NT their pocket.

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