'We're Watching God Enter the Room': The Moment That Stunned the World and Reopened a Racial Debate

‘We’re Watching God Enter the Room’: The Moment That Stunned the World and Reopened a Racial Debate

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  1. I love how you frame her fear to be about race. She went in to the wrong apartment and thought a man was in it. It didnt matter what race he was. Wouldnt you be freaked out if you go in to your place and some dude is in there? I sure would!

  2. You seriously just deleted my comment? You just showed what you really think since nothing I said was wrong. This is the problem. I am African American, someone who would KNOW about my own community yet you just deleted my comment for telling the truth. Your not what you say you are. You just lost a viewer.

  3. PSA: God made all humans the same species. The same race. Slight genetic differences are due to regional stressors over vast periods of time. Do not fall for the trap that is the religion of intersectionality. That is Satan's system. Shameful CBN.

  4. I understand and it's a shame that anyone any color any race and any religion was ever enslaved from the very beginning of time even to now it's sad and hurts the spirit. But being enslaved to mind sets, harsh feelings resentment, prejudice, lust, money, sin of any kind anything that is not of God and his love and forgiveness is a slave in spirit. I'd rather be a slave to the holy spirit than to anything of this world

  5. God doesn't dwell in buildings built by man's hands. His words. I think the entire world needs to start reading his words and quickly! Or will the people keep, lying, and sinning, and defaming The Most High God until he meets us at judgement. Which one would be the wisest choice? Read his words in Genesis through Malachi and learn the correct way to go or sin until judgement? He's watching!

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