Weaponizing the Gov't Against the Church? Battle Underway to Redefine Virginia Values

Weaponizing the Gov’t Against the Church? Battle Underway to Redefine Virginia Values

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  1. Hey guys, this is nothing new. During the Dark Ages, the Catholic church murdered thousands, because they stood up to their beliefs. Babies were ripped out from the stomachs of pregnant women, and so on.
    The Bible foretold these occurrences and worse at the end of time. Innocent lives would be lost, but thank God it will soon end.
    We who believe, must keep the faith and stay focused.

  2. Sadly, the church succumbed to the state long ago by, among things, the 501c3; a program aimed to silence the church in regard to social injustice and foreign policy in exchange for tax-free exemption; this and other relations has diluted the church (body) blurring the lines between national valor and spiritual virtue, Caesar and Christ.

  3. This is what happens when the Church allows the World to lead over God & his son Jesus Christ.

    First, the Gays cried to be "equal" & now the friends of the Gays are crying to be "equal". They are not going to stop until the Church believes that Boys are Girls & Girls are Boys, being Gay is ok with God & marriage means nothing.

  4. Persecution is being set up….maybe a few years….maybe a decade IF THAT…..we gonna see Christian's get tested……oh yeah….we gonna see who is an overcomer and who is a coward real quick 😁…looking forward to this ring of fire closing in and purifying Gods true children…..

  5. Actually christian conservatives are weaponizing religion to keep evolution out of science classes,to discriminate against gays, silence athiests and gain power. When confronted with facts that counter their lies and corrupt agenda they play the victim card and claim they're being persecuted.

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