US Military Orders Company to Stop Putting Bible Verses on Military Dog Tags

US Military Orders Company to Stop Putting Bible Verses on Military Dog Tags

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  1. you say its against the law..well let me tell you whats against the law you antichrists..charching interest on money loans to the us government is against the constitution. but you been doing this for over 100 years. JESUS LIVES AND HE IS KING.

  2. Antichrist spirit. It should be up to the soldiers & not some unbeliever; I do not know one soldier that would not say yes too it and Only Appreciate it. Our Soldiers need too SPEAK UP!!!!! Soldiers CALL! Email!! Write!!! Pester Your Reps!!!!

  3. How long do we have to put up with people like this guy. When do we get to kick some teeth in. Or are we supposed to just lie down like cowards just because Jesus said turn the other cheek? I love the lord and he made me strong for a reason. Why do we have to listen these pagan weaklings?

  4. What does him being little have anything to do with it? What about David and Goliath? Why are short men so belittled in America? This would never happen in Europe. And him being an Atheist, they act like its worse than being Satanic, when in reality most Athiests are quiet.
    If theres a smart person reading this, please give me an answer.

  5. All of the enemies I ever prayed for, or ones I suspected God always answered my prayers. I prayed for them and treated them as God says. Helping them and truly loving them as God has loved me. Praying is the most powerful thing on this planet, God answers prayer, some the next day, some it takes years, if true Christians pray for this antichrist man, wait and watch God move. All power is ours. Greater is He that is in me, than he who is in the world. We have the ability to curse and to bless. HALALUJAH all power and praise to Jesus my KING of Kings and LORD of Lord's.

  6. This story is in the realm of Catch 22.
    If I was the dad of one of the these young people, I would say to the government,
    "So you don't mind my son /daughter dodging bullets /IUD's, etc. Stepping over the corpses of 'collateral damage', coming home with PTSD, and on, and on…
    And you want them to be conscious of the fact that a polite Bible verse around their neck may be deemed offensive? "

    Go to Washington.
    Hand them your uniforms and tell them,
    " If you can do a better job, you're welcome to it. "

  7. We should not tolerate this as a country. Our soldiers will be in great danger without the Protection of God and he will not stand idle while He is mocked by these people who will not Honor him above all as Our God. Brothers and Sisters Matthew 22:37 (English Standard) states we are to Love God with all of Our heart our soul and our mind, and sadly for America this should bring us pain, but for so many Christians it does not, have we grown so callous to our Living God that what pains him does not pain us as it should. Please pray over this matter and for one another with great compassion for one another. James 5:16 the fervent (compassionately heartfelt) prayer of a righteousness man availeth much.

  8. Hard to say but I always used to think…as we are loading up to go out on mission. Here we are about to go out and look for trouble. Let's pray first. "Dear God, may our shots be ever so accurate" " let us kill and not be killed" hmm….

  9. i think weinstein is right. a lot of you clearly wont listen to sound reason and have already made up your minds. christianity should not have any special treatment. if verses from the religion of islam were on these dogtags, you would all be in complete and utter outrage

  10. For the ages men have gone into battle. But because I was a child of the 50's I remember this saying very well. "You will never find an atheist in a fox hole". It's time I say to all,,,,a new and strange day has come to the United States. We, as believers in the sacrifice that Jesus made on this old earth for all men,,will either stand or we won't. Simple choice,,yes. Price to be paid,,yes. God help us all.

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