Frank Gaffney: China Not Telling the Truth About Coronavirus

Frank Gaffney: China Not Telling the Truth About Coronavirus



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  1. Actual facts, as angry as I am, suggest while it seems easy to think it's from them, the facts must be seen. First the multi cultural area says not maybe. It is obvious, second month maybe, did they see or recognize. Things like this migrated generations and were eventually stopped. As perimeter of spread, it wouldn't be just person to person it seems. Generations back they studied this and some ills were known as bio. That's why they might have variance, they all hush if trying to see what's happening or get penalized for rumors. Don't act like you wouldn't see this . It's rumors and activity above that cause jail or worse. It's ruined lives, but more than, more lives here that have less trust, or have to deal with historical understanding. So all of them lie when asked, for the most part. Those who don't have already said the curative is probably written down.

  2. BIG hint here folks; get PH strips from your health food store; eat alkaline ie fruits n veggies; potatoes n beans to get your body alkalyzed so incoming bacteria has less of a foothold…avoid acidic foods like meat milk eggs etc alcohol sugar coffee very acidic…watch This Was Your Life on YT…

  3. A pot luck dinner of death ! China should be quarantined from the rest of the world forever ! This behavior is inhumane and goes against the beliefs of the rest of the world, well except for the Islamic, Muslim, Sharia, warlord, pig, ideology they are probably proud of China and their blatant disrespect for humanity ! Hopefully their bio weapons backfire on them and wipe out their communist dictatorship ! I feel for the Chinese people but not for their leadership !

  4. The Chinese have reported 17 more make shift hospitals with 30,000 additional beds will be added by Feb.25th in Wuhan. 100 labs should be testing in the US and only 3 are testing. The testing equipment is faulty. The criteria of the CDC is if a person traveled from China or knows someone with the virus, only those will be tested.. This is an abomination because many will get it from other sources as it is passed on at a very rapid rate. God help us. this is incompetence as this demon virus spreads.

  5. Please sit up and take notice people as to what is going on throughout the world, with the people.. more violence happening, Christians being heavily persecuted and killed and set on fire and jailed, more diseases and outbreaks, more deaths, more earthquakes, volcanoes acting up, animals dying by large numbers, the ground splitting open in some areas, people having less love for each other, blood moons over just about every country/area..
    Jesus is coming again and you unbelievers and scoffers need to take notice and seek to know Jesus while you still can.. you need to make sure you have the truth..
    And believers need to get more ready, get more oil in your lamp..
    This is it. Mankind has become too much and too sinful for God to let it go on.. He has set a date and have the close of time and He will judge the world and everyone in it.
    Repent of your sins and put your trust in the Christ. Read about Him if you don't know Him. Time IS running out.
    Those with an ear, let them hear.

  6. It's only a matter of time before His MAGAjesty Oink Lardsquirts, President of the United Shtaytes of Amaralago tells his CroMAGAtard base of bullies, stooges and rubes that Coronavirus is the fault of Mexican immigrants, because, after all, Corona is a Mexican beer. Count on it

  7. It’s not just China …other health officials from many countries are also downplaying the situation! Just look at the front pages of major newspapers, it’s all about politics and nothing about this ongoing situation. Many folks are still travelling unnecessarily because most countries are still listed as level 1 😒

  8. You are going to get yourself banned, but this gentleman only got seconds to talk about a virus that may change the course of history!

    The mainstream media is owned by those who stand to loose the most if the economic system collapses, so you contradict what they preach, your gonna get banned!

    The Communist Party knew about the Virus on December 1st, yes not conspiracy theory, they arrested 8 doctors who wanted to warn of the dangers, they allowed the virus to spread, because they wanted to keep their hold on power and protect the slave labour economic system!

    Now a bit of conspiracy theory, I noticed the police, military and politicians in China seem unaffected by the virus?

    Prisons have a spread of the virus but not military bases?

  9. There are stories circulating that Mr Trump tried to keep those infected in quarantine outside of the USA but state officials overrode his decision and allowed the infected individuals to enter, but with so much fake news circulating, who knows truth from fiction now!

  10. Poor Frank Gaffney is getting old. He was the one who helped GW Bush policies on attacking Middle East, former health insurance company profiteer and related to former FBI agents. This man is clearly the domino effect behind this plaque. He is apart of the darkside of american govt and is only out to profiteer of destruction and chaos in the world.

  11. I dont think any govt besides North Korea are doing enough simply with the quarantine time. N.K. 's quarantine time is 30 days. Everywhere else 14 days. Not good enough I don't think. I read a man who was recovered still tested positive 90 days later! Still spreading it??!

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