Author Gives Inside Story on Rise and Fall of Russia's First Christian Liberal Arts University

Author Gives Inside Story on Rise and Fall of Russia’s First Christian Liberal Arts University



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  1. Obviously, Russia is not Ukraine or Uganda. It will not tolerate America's soft power on its territory. Would the US allow Russians to teach American kids in a special Russian school in the US? I doubt it.

  2. What about the Orthodox Christian Culture and Civilization that has existed since the 10th Century. This Christian Culture that survived the Mongol Invasion & Occupation, the containment of Islam in the Caucasus and Central Asia, the first Iron Curtain which was created by West European in the 16th Century, the Meddling of the Church of Rome in the affairs of the Russian Orthodox Christian Church, the Invasions of Teutonic Knights& Napoleon & Hitler, and the most devastating of all…the Bolshevik Revolution and the Rise of the Soviet Union…from 1917 until 1991, over 30 Million Christians (mostly Orthodox, but the minority of Catholic & Protestant suffering equally) again over 30 Million Christian would be imprisoned, sent to the Gulag Archipelago, tortured, starved, worked to death, and executed en masse by the militant atheistic communist…30 Million Christian Martyrs in the former USSR and USSR controlled East European nations…

    …and this Christian Culture of Eastern Orthodox Christianity in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Siberia & Russian Far East, Serbia, and Montenegro & Macedonia SURVIVED the Antichrist Bolshevik System…also surviving were the Catholic Christian Culture of Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and portions of Western Regions of Ukraine…also surviving were the Protestant Christian Culture of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and pockets of German Protestants inside Russia & Ukraine.

    The Christian Faith in these former Communist Lands have risen by Our Lord’s Mercy & Hand, Risen as a Christian Phoenix from the ashes of Communist Tyranny which The Lord Almighty Himself, destroyed in 1991. Look to the rise of the Catholic Christian Faith in both Hungary and Poland….look to rise of the Orthodox Christian Faith in lands such as Russia, Romania, and Georgia…alone in Russia, since 1991, over 28,000 churches and monasteries have been built anew and repaired from communist destruction, the Orthodox Christians have experienced a resurrection of their CHRISTIAN Faith, Culture, Civilization, Heritage, Family Structure, Society, Arts & Music, and Daily Living…all these resurrected aspects…all these in Christ Jesus, Our Lord!…to Our Lord Almighty Be Given All Glory, Honor, Worship, Thanksgiving, and Praise…In The Name of The Father, In The Name of The Son, In The Name of The Holy Spirit…Both Now and Ever, and Unto The Ages of Ages, Amen +++

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