CBN NewsWatch AM: February 24, 2020

Socialist Bernie Sanders continues momentum toward a possible presidential nomination with another caucus win and what it could mean for Democrats in November. The Corona Virus becomes a greater threat outside China in other parts of the world. …

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  1. Yahshua is The Way the Truth and the Life no 1 comes to the Father Yahovah except through Yahshua Praise them BOTH but ONLY Worship the Father, Great is His Name Yahovah HalleluYah!!!

  2. More damage will be done by potentially crippled economies than the Corona virus itself is doing. Countries need to take the virus seriously but they don’t want to destroy their own economies doing it. That would make the cure worse than the disease.

  3. I pray the crowd celebrate the life of this man and daughter ! I pray the Holy Spirit move upon them and wake up to the love of Jesus ! The Name above all names fall on them ! God bless all who attend open their eyes oh Lord !

  4. Unfortunately, money talks the loudest in mainstream churches. There are transgenders as preachers. What matters is worshipping God, not man. There is a movement to hold church in different homes as Amish. This makes a fancy church building absolute. Money is not important. Worshipping God together per the Word, is the new way. Believe.

  5. The fact that people are attacking Bernie over socialism and not about him not being a Christian or his many ungodly policies says a lot about the priorities of the people attacking him. Conservatism, nationalism, and capitalism has warped too many Christians minds. God first! Christian values only!

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