CBN NewsWatch PM: February 25, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: February 25, 2020



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  1. Jesus said, that in the Last Days, there will be all kinds of upheaval and wars and earthquakes and famines etc… that Christians would be persecuted like never before and never again, and that there will come a small window of relief where the world will be crying, "Finally! Peace!!"; and that destruction will come upon them suddenly.

    Sounds like nows the time for all this.
    I expect peace.
    I expect Trump will succeed.
    And i expect destruction as soon as it is secured.
    Thats what my Bible says.

  2. Yes epoch news CBN is often fake news watered down and uses left wing ugrodly reporters eviews at times 100000s dead in China Nothing stops this virus be prepared thru the Word and warfare prayers

  3. Anti inflammation diet The woman fails to realize that most of her inflammation problems are food but generational curses which Ned to be dealt with Jesus said everything is clean if prayed over
    But targeted prayer is necessary

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