As Global Persecution Rises, Is Christianity Disappearing?

As Global Persecution Rises, Is Christianity Disappearing?



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  1. Part of the problem is that the Pope is a globalist. He's no Christian, he's Catholic. Ya know, the bad kind. The Catholic Church used to be better at defending Christians but…where does all that tithe money go???? Ya, ya, I know, I am A RC (Recovering Catholic) too.

  2. We are saints. Just armed isis n alnusra in syria, why? Perhaps US policy wants Assadh gone. Yes our ageing decades old govt policy wants the protecter of syrian christians, from isis slaughter removed not careing that he protects the church.

  3. Christ would first have to disappear before Christianity does. Just like in Elijah's era: when Elijah thought he was the only Prophet of God left, God told him that there are 7000 who have not bow the knee to Baal. 1 Kings 19:18…Christ will undoubtedly prevail.

  4. A man dying for your crimes is justice/righteousness. His death for you being born a descendant of Adam and eve is love. Free will is an ultimatum. Believe it or go to hell. This is the perfect plan for salvation. But probation is closed. Statutory rape=child abuse is blasphemy of the holy spirit. Even the very elect have been deceived. Ask the voices in your head who Greg Hoglund is for more.

  5. The UK is another nation,that's trying to silence all Christians,Christians have no voice,there,it's time for these nations who oppose Christ,to get their due,God will punish them all,we Christians can rest assured God will keep us to the end,the price we must pay,our lives,but,are the sinners willing to spend Eternity in Hell?

  6. All of my brothers and sisters in Christ who have died in the wake of persecution are now in the arms of Christ. We need not worry because to lose our life is to gain eternal life. It is written it would be as so and we are seeing everything Prophesied coming to pass so quickly now. Jesus is truly at the door. For anyone who would like to feel peace and security in their lives speak to Jesus he turns no one away. Come with a repented heart and ask him into your life. Time is short and we don’t know if there ois a tomorrow…..Jesus is the way the truth and the life🕇

  7. The persecution of Christians comes from the global is a movement and is one of the tools of the Progressive left to cause Division and chaos. This is why we need to get back to Sovereign Nation building and have strong borders and protect cultures which include Christianity.

  8. Christ isn't just coming for revenge!
    I, Wariel, His WARLION🦁 has been called since 7, trained in martial arts since 3, from a 4,000 year Issachar bloodline of Jacob & David warriors, that have fought in every American war, Christian wars of Europe, the Middle East & Israel.

    I am at the end of that line & I'm coming for all opposers of Christ Almighty ! 😤
    #Facebook – David A. Fye II
    #Instagram – @davidfye2

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