'In the End, You'll Lose Your Rights': CPAC's 'America vs. Socialism' Theme Highlights What Happens

‘In the End, You’ll Lose Your Rights’: CPAC’s ‘America vs. Socialism’ Theme Highlights What Happens When Nation Moves Far-Left



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  1. What many people have never been taught: is that the US has had the Constitution since it's inception, and the US govt and powerful citizens have hurt people who had less power all under the Constitution. You know who never gets hurt no matter the Constituition–Rich people.

    So if you make sure the fruits of a nation go to the workers first then owners, you make sure no one has too much power over anyone. Democratic socialism is better a system.

  2. I like how they showed tanks running over people. Have people forgotten Kent State University? Where officers shot protesting students. Look at that, maybe government violence can happen under any government.

  3. I used to totally buy into the subtle brain washing I received in school growing up– The would talk about McCarthyism and say there were some socialist and communists in America, and socialism and communism is bad because it restricts freedoms, THAT'S why WE had to RESTRICT the socialist/communists peoples freedoms in our country🙄.
    I can't believe these illogical arguments once worked on me😊.

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