News on The 700 Club: March 2, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” March 2, 2020.:



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  1. Please shut up about this stupid virus. It's ridiculous. Who cares? People die every day from MUCH more threatening and destructive things. This Corona junk is just used to divide people. CBN is supposed to know better.

  2. Kurdistan is the territory where the antichrist is to arise since it is the land of Nimrod and ancient Assyria. Read carefully about the three horns to be plucked out by the antichrist in Daniel and the appearance of the beast from Abyss in Revelation, which consists of the former three beasts, that is lion for Babylon, bear for Persia and leopard for Greece(Turkey). In mordern days, it is only the Kurds that meets the criteria of the prophecy. Mainly, Kurds are not from Media, but more of Nairi which got assimilated to Assyria. Moreover, Manbij area where Kurds strive to occupy is also called Mabog. Mabog is the modern name of Magog. The three horns which will be the antichrist's debut stage into world politics are on the verge of being established. It has been prophesied over and over even from Moses that the antichrist will come from Assyria and its enmity with Cyprus, which is coming to pass in the light of the discovery of natual gas resource in the east Mediterranean sea.

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