On The Home Front – March 3, 2020

On The Home Front – March 3, 2020



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  1. People open your eyes for word of God, Jesus predicted lawlessness and ignorance, unbelieving in God and Jesus Christ, mockers, immorality, wars, crime…..provoke God to anger and punishment for sins. Read the Holy Scripture to know all sins we sinners should CONFESS BEFORE JESUS CHRIST who died for our sins and God requires to be born again in the spirit and water John 3:1-7, to change our wicked ways into the Holy. Otherwise God will punish every rebel, awake to be saved by God grace !!!
    The Holy Scripture clearly informs us that God punishes by sickness for every unrepented sin. God is good and longsuffering Hd has not pleasure in the death of the wicked but that wicked will turn away from His iniquities, turn to Jesus for remmision of your sins and your SALVATION FROM CONDEMNATION IN HELL FIRE.
    HELL IS the lake of fire in darkness.
    Jesus predicted pestilences…. Matthew 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21read entire chapters.
    Read entire New Testament to know what is gonna to happen in short future. REPENT OF YOUR SINS, ASK GOD forgiveness and OBEY GOD, spend time to know how God informs us about thd future.

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