'Uncharted Territory': COVID-19 Infections Now Stands at 90,000 with 3,100 Deaths

‘Uncharted Territory’: COVID-19 Infections Now Stands at 90,000 with 3,100 Deaths

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  1. Keep your dirty hands and fingers out of your mouth, nose and eyes. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Many people just wash them for 5 seconds. Don't sit on dirty public toilet seats. Hover. Count the next time you wash your hands. Also if you cough or sneeze do so into a rag or your sleeve. And stay away from crowds.

  2. How do I know this is even true?. Made up red herring to keep the masses occupied and eyes off what is REALLY going on.

    Notice…not much talk about the banning and censoring and wiping butts on the First Amendment by social media platforms. Not much talk about Second Amendment infringements. I don't even believe there is a coronavirus. The only place I have heard of it is in the media. Sure. I trust the media. They wouldn't lie.

  3. “Let’s be clear risk remains low” 🤦🏻‍♀️. Yeahhh okay. That’s like telling everyone “don’t panic but “shop” for groceries for 2 weeks”. People it’s not what they say…it’s what they’re not saying. Lol There’s many things at play here, everyone’s watching covid news and so much is happening around the world. Keep eyes on Jesus🙏🏻🙌🏼

  4. CoronaVirus Ba Humbug! We who have chronic allergies, hay fever and such have our share of runny nose & sneezing coming on right now with the Spring Pollen Season. As the trees are flowering I started sneezing last night. For decades we lived with common colds, flu, bronchitis, & pneumonia and addiction problems to the nose sprays and meds that follow our kind everywhere. Grass, weeds, dust, molds and pollen are the mantra of the reason I have not had a flu shot in over 30 years. It was that last one that gave me the flu a few days after the injection that told me never again! Taking a flu shot for me is like adding Exlax to Prunes. I get enough sinus problems naturally. However having a stuffy nose in the springtime may block the corona from get in via the nasal cavity. Now I just have to keep my mouth closed and wash my hands often. At least having allergies gears the immune system in the same direction and may reduce any encounters with this new flu like bug. Bizarre to say the least that the Corona is hitting in the spring along with the pollen! However I've seldom had colds in the summer, and even the flu lessens when you are on a beach with 100+ degree temperatures to wash your fears away. God gives us the 4 seasons for a reason.

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