Biden Scores 'Super Tuesday' Surge, Sanders Wins Top Prize, Bloomberg Drops Out

Biden Scores ‘Super Tuesday’ Surge, Sanders Wins Top Prize, Bloomberg Drops Out

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  1. The Dems are handing it to Trump on a platter. WOW
    No one can tell me all these folks dropping out was organic.
    Guess I'll vote for Trump again because Dems keep shooting themselves in the foot.

  2. Where's the common sense in either party? That press conference by Trump & Pence Sunday about the Coronavirus told us as usual Trump has a clue how to run the country or let others do their job without interference. As for the Democratic candidates why the hell is it so hard to work TOGETHER and stand strong behind a couple of electable people from the start? There's been a big waste of time and money & infighting with the clock running out. All we have now is the same mess because no one is standing strong. Frankly neither part is fit to run the country. Maybe one day in the future -the distant future the country will be run by a committee of people representing all parties.

  3. I'm struggling with calling Joe a decent man… he's got filthy hands just from the whole Ukraine ordeal alone! So who knows what else hasn't been called out yet…. I never comment on these things, but that is really disturbing to hear you say in this segment.

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