Europe Leaves Christianity for 'Paganism'

Europe Leaves Christianity for ‘Paganism’

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  1. There are still many many believers here in the UK. But many have stopped going to the church buildings. ..there are so many different doctrines. ..tithing by bank card!… personality tests!
    I pray and talk to my Heavenly Father all day ..walking the dog..doing the washing up
    I wake up in prayer or the urge to pray. I don't think that makes me any less than a Christian. .a believer in The Truth
    I hope this does not offend anyone..that is not my intention
    Have a wonderful day peace and love ..Marion in the UK

  2. Lord God, You know and see our ways. You knew this day would happen as spoken in your word. You love these folks in the European countries. I ask for you to speak to their hearts. Make a way for them to say Jesus, Forgive me. May they recognize the need.. Help them to come back to you. To Repent of their sins and to get their hearts right with you. Many precious souls. Need your saving Grace.
    For those who Love you. I pray that you wrap them in your arms. Encourage them Bless their ways, Guide their steps. Help them to feel you as they Keep making that difference for you.

    Make a way Lord God. We all need you. Open up the hearts of men and women. Across this Earth. To say. Jesus I come to thee. I Repent of my sins. 🙏🙏🙏♥️

  3. The forefathers have not raise up their children in JESUS TEACHING…. They have strayed away…. But their missionaries sacrificed their lives to bring the gospel to the unreached…. And here we are following the footsteps of JESUS CHRIST because of them and we teach our children not to let go CHRIST because Salvation is more important then this perishing world. … But Europe have thrown away JESUS CHRIST and gone into liberalism… Why are you going after the things of the perishing world…. which you cannot carry to your grave. … LIFE AFTER DEATH IS MORE IMPORTANT EUROPE people….Wake up before it's too late

  4. Father, in Jesus name, lead me to wherever whenever and however to live in the Name and go on the Commission. Even if that is Europe. I will go ahead uncompromisingly and consistently and courageously.

  5. The Kingdom is inside you, not in buildings, not in religions, traditions, rituals, or man written doctrines, not here nor there but in you; repent from thinking it is outside of you. The temple built without hands is between the temples on your forehead where contemplation takes place. This is the Good News, individual empowerment and oneness with your Father. God is love and those who live in love, God lives in them, period. Where love is, there God is also, period. When we live in love our love is perfected in us. Love is the fulfillment of all laws, and which all laws and prophets should hang. God desires mercy over blood sacrifices; if you had known what this meant, you would not condemn your innocence. The gospel is a parable spiritual teaching for those with the ears to hear(the mind to perceive). To everyone else it’s a literal history lesson. The rich man was rich in all the laws of Moses he possessed, but he was poor in spirit of truth. He was told if you just want to live long, keep what you have, but if you want to be perfect, give away your possessions and give to the poor(his spirit). If you just want to live long, keep your possessions of buildings, religions, doctrines, rituals, traditions, and fleshy rules; but if you want to be perfect, get rid of these possessions and give to your poor spirit, which is in you. Then you will have entered the Kingdom. ✌🏻

  6. Actually I don't blame them for leaving… All them, "leaders", in the churches were simply religious as hell anyway. They got away from relationship and started traditions… Jesus ain't no tradition… He is God… He wants to be a friend, not an excuse to hord money and build huge building full of idols. It's just another sign if you read the Bible you will see all these things must take place before He…..(Jesus), returns. Few find the path….. amen

  7. Let the world have it's buildings. We are the church and if you do the Lord's work, it won't be while you are sitting on a bench in a building… It will be out in the street where He did it. How many times was Jesus in a synagogue, 2 maybe 3 times….lol. y'all better wise up. We are the body… The church…. Not an institution, organization, or a building. Amen

  8. We need to PRAY PRAY PRAY ! For our future generations ! For our land ! For God to pour out his holy spirit like never before ! To have mercy on us ! Pray that he opens up the spiritual eyes and ears on all who are lost to this world ! Only God can change hearts and minds ! So let us who do believe stand in the gap AND PRAY LIKE NEVER BEFORE ! And ask for him to equip and enable us by his spirit to be used boldly for the sake of his kingdom and for those poor souls that dont know the lord !

  9. One thing is sure… The will of GOD will prevail and the gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against The Church of GOD… No matter how the World sees JESUS, HE REMAINS THE EVERLASTING KING. and we all irrespective of our pedigree, we will bow before HIM.

  10. I'm trying to understand why is it that this is worried so many? this is in the Bible the Bible being the word of God must come to pass but the body of Christ will get more anointing and we are star body must pray and seek the Lost

  11. This is the problem.
    Christianity is not a religion with big church buildings, human traditions, statues of saints and large masses of people.
    This is Christianity.
    A personal relationship with God through His only begotten son Jesus Christ and growing the personal relationship and not living in sin. Christ came to deal with sin, you saying you are a good person is not good enough. Does God personally know you and do you personally know Him. Get a King James Bible and read it with a sincere and humble heart. It is as simple as that. If you look for the Truth you will find it.
    Show and give only Love (God's love not the world's love) to people around you, not pain or hatred. God bless you and keep you always. 1 Corinthians 13

  12. Our brothers and sisters in the "West" are sleeping.

    Jesus is alive. Wake up!

    There are so many exMuslim or exatheist people who had seen and believed in Jesus, I am one of them and I am telling you: Jesus is one way to God.
    Shalom fromm Turkey…

  13. We don't have that much time left!! What you're seeing is going to be. the church has failed big-time, and what people need to see is acceptance and love. Tangible acceptance and love. The so-called church has forgotten the greatest second commandment which is love your neighbor as yourself. People don't even love themselves or Know What Love Actually is and that is why it is never been demonstrated!!!!!!!! We don't need program to bring people back. it's going to take prayer and tangible love and acceptance toward others every single day!!!!! like in the days of Noah and lot so shall it be before the coming of the son of man. READ GODS WORD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!

  14. Revive your church in Europe Dear Lord! May your church be revived and repent of her sins. May the lost be awakened and repent of their sins. Grant them sorrow over sins that will lead to repentance. May the people hunger and thirst after righteousness! Jesus be lifted High! May your Holy Name be praised! Amen.

  15. What I see here Christians have come to realize that God doesn't dwell in those so called Church Building but with in us. Christians are incredibly Increasing outside of those building. ❤️ End is near. Stand firm and hold on to Jesus Christ because hell is the last place you want to end up with. It's happening hold on we are nearly there Jesus Christ is coming very soon make no mistake.

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