Faith Nation: March 4, 2020

Faith Nation: March 4, 2020



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  1. The Day the Earth Stood Still for Science

    The Corona Virus has made it's move. Our scientific community now claims a 'smoking gun.' Using 'the sky is falling' mentality the science community can now do what they failed to do with their claims on "Global Warming" aka Climate Change. They tried it again when President Trump was elected, by using Psychiatry to accuse our president of being mentally unstable and unfit for the job. They failed horribly with that one as now approaching 4 years on the job our President is looking good for another four.

    But Communist Slavery has bet it's entire philosophy on science. That is their understanding of science that excludes opinions & research about Gods, UFO's, Quantum Consciousness, Parapsychology and other other Paranormal research that is compiling very strong evidence to support their faith. There is a belief or faith from the Socialists that simply having a 7 year college degree in some form of science makes one a superior being deserving of 'rights' to rule collectively over other humans. In their default logic they say 'What else is there?" Men and Women with 7 year degrees in such as Law, Philosophy, Business, Sports, and others schools of thought that are NOT 'hard core' sciences of relevance are likewise dismissed from the plan to replace governments with scientific panels, collectives, etc. to rule 'our' world. They ignore one of life's most fundamental scientific axioms-What one man can learn others can too." We of the billions on Earth that don't have 7 years of college in some Earth science are still capable of and are in fact following, reading and learning.

    We see through your what appears to be a 'real life' James bond plot to take over the world via some manipulations with science. The science community is commanding a shut down of global proportions. Right now their minions in lesser political theaters are doing just that. We are seeing orders to stop sporting events, concerts and even movie theaters are putting off releases of new films. Schools are closing, shopping malls are refusing cash and some stores are going on lock down. It's not impossible to suggest that the science community could attempt to stop all airline traffic globally, close the Las Vegas Casinos and order Micky Mouse and other theme parks to close indefinitely.

    The problem with it all is we all remember the Jan Hendrik Schons, and others throughout modern history that taught flawed fake science. The Nazis of World War Two perpetuated scientific theories that all Jews were racially and mentally deranged humans that were a threat to humanity! Even Einstein pandered a theory on time travel. Back to the Future is good humor but not very logical as a science. Communism/Socialism likewise are based on alleged science. Not relevant Earth sciences but are Philosophical and politically ordained kind of science. Yet communism has demonstrated nothing but old fashioned 'war' as their primary system of growth. Their Dictatorships have a history of greed, corruption and violence that permeates and pollutes goodness & mercy in China & North Korea as examples of 'why' we don't need them.

    Should I say more? I think enough is said to make some people realize we have to stop these maniacs within the communist ruled scientific community. Sad to say that Free Enterprise is not their mantra of success. The belief that some men & women made "Good Choices" and got rich for their proper decisions is by the Left a belief that the rich only got rich via corruption and greed. And the rich are obligated to share their monies with those that didn't make the right choices in life. Socialists live in a world of envy and spite against those who handled their lives properly in a free enterprise system. Communists are a jealous lot that ignores the reality that there really is some who have superior minds, and they are not of the Earth Sciences community. Perhaps the reality is even NASA scientists are dyslexic & dysfunctional at doing anything successful outside of their classroom mathematics Their OCD with climate change that so far has been dismissed by the prima facie fact that we the people didn't 'stand still' has psychologically twisted the science community to this new bizarre attempt to shut the world down for a day with a flu like bug! I'm thinking "NOT" as I live in Las Vegas and we will not be shutting down our casinos for some make believe plague. We may not have 7 year degrees in Earth sciences but we know that living in a bubble won't fix it. Let the disease run it's course and we will survive. We survived the AIDS plague, didn't we!

  2. Abortion clinics should have privileges at hospitals. Many women have complications during child birth. Some even hemorrhage and die in hospitals. Having a tooth pulled can come with complications.. Opening the reproductive system can bring hemorrhage, infections and possible death. We are not cutting toe nails at an abortion. God will forgive an abortion ! He hears heart filled humble prayers. God bless suffering folks ! Fear not ! The Lord is with you !

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