'Black Americans Are Waking Up:' More African Americans Exiting Democratic Party in 'Blexit' Movemen

‘Black Americans Are Waking Up:’ More African Americans Exiting Democratic Party in ‘Blexit’ Movement



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  1. I think that black people will go with who they perceive to be the party with the fewest racists.

    While all republicans aren't racist, the overwhelming majority of racists seem to align with the republican party.

    As a black woman I find it funny to hear from conservatives that there is some great 'blexit' happening when that simply isn't true.

    As a former conservative myself the way things have been going I find it hard to vote republican any longer.

    Until republicans truly address the deeply entrenched racist elements in their party…they don't have a chance of getting this mythical blexit they long for.

  2. WHY are blacks called African American???? They ARE NOT African they are American..We only call blacks by they're Heritage WHY? We don't call Irish people Irish Americans,, Just Americans..MAKE'S NO SENSE TO MOST OTHER AMERICANS

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