Chief Justice Rebukes Schumer, Coronavirus Latest | CBN NewsWatch AM: March 5, 2020

Chief Justice John Roberts issued a rare rebuke to Senator Chuck Schumer for issuing what appeared to be a threat over decisions he opposed regarding the issue of abortion. Some in the media are stoking fears over the Coronavirus — but what is the real risk of getting the virus? Alex Trebek’s encouraging and faith-filled update on his battle with cancer. That and more on CBN NewsWatch AM: March 5, 2020

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  1. Since when do our elected officials, have the right to bully our Supreme Court Judges, like Mr. Schumer just did? Look how vehemently he's trying to keep the vile act of abortion in place! Despicable, if you ask me!

  2. Why are abortion advocates at Planned Parenthood always appealing cases they lose? Why are they back in court constantly trying to keep murdering babies to sell their body part to cosmetic and food industry and scientific research?
    Those abortion advocates can't accept no for an answer when it comes to killing Black babies especially.

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