Coronavirus facts, TN tornado update, Schumer attacks SCOTUS | News on The 700 Club: March 5, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” March 5, 2020:

In this episode, Pat Robertson gives the full update on the very latest with the Coronavirus, including how fast it’s spreading, who is getting it, what can be done to reduce the threat and more. How Tennessee is dealing with recovery efforts after a massive tornado, and Chuck Schumer’s irresponsible words directed at two Supreme Court justices that have many calling it a threat.

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  1. You who have used the law on the poor and have run to the goverment for the answer to others sins are about to have the same standard of UNFORGIVNESS us on themselves. Mercy triumphs over JUDGMENT. And the POWER of sin is the LAW.

  2. Sighting scripture really means he was exhorting those on the court of spiritual retribution. I one told someone at a church that they would pay for the way that they were treating me ,I was referring to God of course .One of them died of cancer at 48 leaving two boys 9,11 and a wife. WOW iv never written there ages before.
    You know i have prayed for Ben and Jake ,Ben is the older, for all of their lives because I went to that church to be a light and it was polarizing. But 15 years later and was kicked out by them calling the police when I was in Monday morning Bible study. They had told me to stop"hanging out". I had just had a horrific Head injury and I needed the sanctuary. And they didn't like that I believed the bible was the inspired word of God.
    But because I was polarizing there was People who agreed with my views,I didn't go there uncalled or unprepared with the word.
    I'm expecting to see fruit from that like Joseph. Joseph was treated with contempt and hate but the Lord turned it for good and know that I will see some of them at least. I began a Bible study group with 7 young couples , professionals,starting their families, and I learned their names, their children's names and prayed for them,entersesary prayers Because I said I would. What they didn't realize and are now realizing or will, that I was born again and was right about everything I was telling them.
    We as Christians love other's more than they love themselves or their families. We love other's children more than they love their children.
    Love is from God and we don't have it apart from Him,it is in His rightoues judgments,His whole truth. He has a personality.
    But I was so hurt by them means nothing to me if it did something to be USED to draw some families from going the wrong way.

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