'The Worst Communal Violence in Decades': Religious Freedom Advocates Sound the Alarm in India

‘The Worst Communal Violence in Decades’: Religious Freedom Advocates Sound the Alarm in India



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  1. This woman is an ignorant leftist. Listen to the manner in which she idealizes Indian history, as some sort of multi-culti paradise where different religions all lived in harmony for hundreds of years. She has been fed propaganda, and she's now feeding it to others. She has no historical knowledge of the 500 years of Hindu crusades to fend off the Islamic invasion into India. Muslims took over Pakistan and have been killing off, forcibly converting and expunging both Hindus and Christians for decades. These countries have their reasons for setting these parameters on citizenship, and this Western woman who can cash in on her brown, Indian skin by proclaiming herself to be a champion of the Rohynga cause has no understanding of those reasons. Shame on you, CBN for pandering to this. Stop comparing the plight of persecuted Christians in the Islamic world with the plight of muslims in countries that recognize the threat of Islam and are taking measures to keep it from destroying their cultures. Islam is not just another religion. It is the antithesis of Christianity and, as Winston Churchill once said, "Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog." We should be helping to free muslims from their strong delusion and enslavement to that abhorrent ideology, not helping them to infiltrate other countries.

  2. Can a NON MUSLIM live in Pakistan, Iran, QATAR, Saudi Arabia etc…. live in ANY Muslim land? Nope!!!!! YOU CANNOT EVEN BRING A BIBLE or the Torah! I suggest Islam fight their own battles and not involve Western nations!

  3. CBN …Do not forget that Islamic SUPREMACISTS have been murdering non Muslim INFIDELS for 1400 years and yesterday too. DO NOT FORGET THIS. ISLAM HAS NEVER LIVED IN HARMONY WITH ANYONE! EVER!

  4. How about Christian persecution??? But when Muslims are persecuted they get worldwide coverage. Can a Christian practise his of her religion in a Muslim country.
    The Rohingyans slaughtered so many Budhist and Non Muslim in Myanmar.. Why doesn't anyone speak of that??

  5. Why were the people blown up by suicide bomber in Srilanka during Easter? What is the root cause for this act? Did the victim provoke the attacker or was it the ideology that led to the attack?

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