CBN NewsWatch PM: March 6, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: March 6, 2020



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  1. No as Christian's we are not here to build bridges. We are here to share the gospel. And guess what many will choose to turn away. We dont get baptized to become bridge builders that's what contractors are for.

  2. Remember? During the AIDS plague years doctors would diagnose the 'cause of death' with bias. If they liked the family or didn't want the stigma of an AIDS death in 'their' community then they would use the secondary cause of death instead of AIDS. I'm guessing the same system is still in play. Smaller towns/communities can do things like that and were never called out on it. And I'm guessing that some 3rd world countries with likewise 3rd world medical care are also diagnosing deaths without using the exact scientific tests to validate cause of death. If they want to scare the locals they call it Corona Virus!

  3. We are called to preach the gospel, if they don't hear the truth from us, they will not hear it from the world, but it's all good because The Lord has had just about enough of the"church " tickling ears. Get off the fence or He will push those polluting His word, and it can be done in love.

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