How Should the Church Care for Children and Adults who Identify with Another Sex?

How Should the Church Care for Children and Adults who Identify with Another Sex?



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  1. Gender identity politics and swapping genders is a demonic deception. Approach the victims with love, and prayer, but do not affirm their sinful lifestyles or choices. This is spiritual warfare expressed by the victim's gender confusion.

  2. Gender dysphoria is exploding because mental illness is celebrated.
    If my 90 year old grandpa who suffers from dementia says the radio is talking to him…do I agree with him and tell him the radio IS talking to him?

  3. The idea that culture determines how a word is used is the exact argument LGBT groups have used to redefine marriage as between any two people who love each other. It is not an argument that should be used in the church. Just like marriage will always be between a man and woman, feminine and masculine pronouns belong to their male and female counterparts. This pastor should be ashamed of himself for suggesting otherwise–even if it is just to be nice.

  4. CBN news-you have a choice. You can be extremely valuable to the Kingdom of God by not compromising with the world, and fearlessly presenting God’s view of current events, or you can please man and be yet another mediocre news media. The world already has CNN and MSNBC.

  5. Seems to me that using t h i e r pronouns is partaking in their sin. The idea would be not to make them comfortable in their sin. What is that saying to the parents who are not on board with what they are children are doing?

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