CBN NEWS EXCLUSIVE: 'Protect Those Most at Risk': US Surgeon General Stresses Preparedness Over Pani

CBN NEWS EXCLUSIVE: ‘Protect Those Most at Risk’: US Surgeon General Stresses Preparedness Over Panic

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  1. Wow that's how stupid they think we are they don't want us buying the mess so they tell us they don't work they only keep it in for the person has the virus let's think about this if it keeps it in then it would keep it out duhhhh wow from the surgeon general they're all a bunch of liars

  2. I invite everybody to a United Pentecostal Church in your country or area or a church that believes in speaking in other tongues have you been baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues it happened to the hundred in 20 on the day of Pentecost in the upper room in the book of Acts in the Bible the spirit was poured out on them and they was baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other tongues please investigate this truth for yourself so you can go in the Rapture when Jesus comes and not stay behind and go through the tribulation and if there's any sick among you that in your family and friends bring them to the church and let the Saints lay hands on them and anoint them with oil so that they can be healed in Jesus name God bless you and may we move in the Holy Ghost together

  3. We need to used masks, googles, it gets in your clothes, hair, you need to wash your clothes, bathes, only quarantine works, if it gets in your throat is mild, if it gets in your lungs they will be destroy, not cure for it , just liquids, young people have died, the first doctors where young they are dead, doctors have even shave their hair, (male and female) quarantine is the only option there is for eliminating this virus.

  4. Dude, if the mask does not protect the public from getting, then why do health care need them….??
    The TRUTH…..N95 mask is designed to block 95% of pathogens and virus and the N100 blocks 99.9% .
    Just like the 3M 1900 furnace filter block viruses, allergens and pathogens.
    If y'all were on top of things, USA, you would have contracted out a clothing manufacturer to make the N100 or N95…….but because y'all dropped the ball (or the most horrific thought you did it on purpose to begin ID 2020 roll out of the mark) you are trying to minimize the panic.
    But it is negligent that you did not ensure that the chronically ill, asthmatic children, elderly Etc were protected with masks that block this virus from entering the respiratory track.

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