Seeking full disclosure of finances at Logsdon Seminary

RE: Announced closure of Logsdon Seminary

I think those questioning the closure of Logsdon make a lot of sense with requests for full disclosure.

When the Glorieta Conference Center was given away, these same questions about “losing money” were raised.

It is my understanding that on a yearly basis, finances of Baptist institutions are reported. We would not have these surprise closures if Baptists disclosed a complete accounting, which could be monitored every year.

Additionally, the institution should address whatever problems exist in a timely manner. For example, with Glorieta, the annual report before closure said Glorieta had withstood or passed a financial “stress test.” Did Logsdon have any evaluation like this?

I would like Baptists to stop the trend of our ministries closing without full, yearly disclosure.

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No one wants to get a degree from a school that is going to close soon. And politics or profit should never be a part of the decision.

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Ruth King

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