CBN NewsWatch AM: March 10, 2020

On Newswatch AM March 10th: Stocks looking to bounce back from Monday’s stunning decline, as Italy locks down while China’s case numbers keep falling and patients even in the epicenter of Wuhan now recovering; polls show Joe Biden holding …

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  1. It's the heart that's at stake. This will not go away until there's a change inside. Your ways are full of sin. The hate that one calls love for you brother and sister. Men and women teaching unnatural ways to your children. For they know that there life style doesn't include children. You call a child a mistake and to fix it . You make it go away and know conscience inside to say that's wrong. Am I not the Father of all. If I make this go away and there's no change in you heart. What have you gain. There's a payment that I require . It is a repentance heart and I will heal the land. Thus says the Lord. Amen

  2. As christians we should see These things are coming because it's in a book of revelation and in a book of Matthew this is the beginning of birth pains where they will be wars rumors of wars pestilence and earthquakes everywhere it is being complete it as we see it wake up church

  3. All he's going to do is pump more money into the market that's not backed by anything except debt. We're delusional if we think that this is really going to help it's just going to Kick the Can a little bit further down the road this is a disaster waiting to happen

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