CBN NewsWatch PM: March 10, 2020

The latest on the Corona Virus included a containment area in New York. Dr. Corne Bekker of Regent University talks about the church’s response to the Corona Virus crisis. Also, the impact on international travel including visits to the Holy …



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  1. Quarantine Concentration Camps in America!

    "Then US residents not needing treatment will be moved to military bases in California, Texas and Georgia for a 14-day isolation period." Quote from the news release! Over 3,000 people disembarking in California are being 'Forced' into a 2 week quarantine that raises several questions to me. That they will be shipped like cattle across country in groups and that they might end up in military barracks that house strangers sleeping side by side in a prison like camp is the two most important question. Such an 'Atrocity' against many who are American citizens is something we would expect in some North Korean slave camp. Not only "Could" & "Would' such a close contact kind of slavery induce the disease to spread thru the quarantine camps but then the question would follow, "Those the test positive near the 2 week ending would be detained for more quarantining. Some could spend months in a medical induced prison. ALL they had to do was Provide the over 3,000 a secure transport to their homes and get them to pledge to Voluntarily Self Quarantine! The Right Way to Do it!!! This shipping men and women on US soil to slave prison quarantine is reminiscent of the Japanese Internment Camps of World War 2. It took decades to realize what we did was wrong. The difference being I see how wrong it is right now!!! Where will they house the next 5, 10, 15, 20 Thousands that could be coming next week? That the military is already shipping them from CA to as far as Georgia means next weeks Quarantine Concentration Camps could be far worse than this weeks. And those that develop "Medical complications" in their Corona Virus tests results could find it a long time before release! Trump sure will be getting the Democrat Party support now! So why not put them in quarantine in Vegas Hotels? At least they would have felt like carte blanche and suffered it with less fear!

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