New Generation of Missionaries Floods the Earth with Gospel: 'Now is the Time for Harvest, Now is th

New Generation of Missionaries Floods the Earth with Gospel: ‘Now is the Time for Harvest, Now is the Season for Revival’

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  1. What a wonderful story! The west has been greatly blessed over the past 2 thousand years because it embraced Christianity. Around the 1960s the west started to reject Jesus. It embraced humanism, atheism, new age, and some even re-adopted ancient western Wiccan and paganism. It breaks my heart to see whats happened to the west but my heart rejoices to see the rest of the world being blessed in Jesus.

  2. Insanity! With Internet and global interdependence, everyone has heard the Gospel and about Jesus. What are these people thinking? People that want to ruin other people’s lives. People that want to move up the Church ladder and get so-called-blessings in their pockets. GOD help Christians with their depravity. You can always get a poor person to do whatever you want. Heartless Christians and Catholics!

  3. In my own nation…they have rejected the Lord of their fathers. We are now only about 2%. The so called Christians have rejected Him and His ways…just like in Jeremiah 5. I read this scripture and my heart mourns, for it describes my people perfectly.

  4. The majority of the western world is turning from God because we feel we have wealth, knowledge, and we can take care of ourselves, and we forget that it is mainly the blessings of God, so we think don't need God. Many in the third world countries are turning to God because the majority are poor. So I wonder if these people had what the west currently have, would the majority citizens really turn to God… Since they are also human, I doubt it. A true turning to God is a real love for God and who he is, whether you have what you need or not. This is why Jesus says, on the last day, he will turn away many who say they knew him, because in thier hearts they were only looking for insurance from hell. We must pray that all who say they are Christians; sincerely love God for who he is, and not what they can get from him.

  5. In my heart, regardless what's said out in the world, God ordained Mr. Trump to head this nation mainly to PROMOTE GOD'S AGENDAS, BY HIS APPOINTED SERVANT, DJT DARING TO ERADICATED THE POLITICAL CORRECTNESS
    ( WHICH IS NOTHING LESS THAN TO SHUT UP THE GOSPEL BEING PREACHED). AND calling His children to do what He has commissioned US, the Christ's people to do, as POTUS OPENED THE DOOR TO PREACH THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST FREELY BASED SOLY ON HIS DEATH, BURIAL AND THE GLORIOUS RESURRECTION. No clue when but Jesus is lifting His own Church out of this World soon.
    BEST IS YET TO COME is common statement yet criminals, the true criminals don't get the punishments they should pay don't but rather live in multiple mansions all over the world with stolen taxpayer's money, best yet to come is not likely. THE ONLY BEST IS YET TO COME IS THE GLORIOUS RAPTURE.

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