CBN NewsWatch PM: March 11, 2020

CBN NewsWatch PM: March 11, 2020

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  1. when it comes to sexuality, we strain at a gnat.. but when it comes to serving mammon, we swallow a camel…. poly relations? gays? Nothing that enters a man's body from outside can defile a man.. no ye not, Jesus is the bridegroom, God is the Father of the family.. and we are ALL one body in Christ.. all one flesh.. all under one marriage.. under the blood of Christ.. he who lusts after a woman to possess is committing adultery in His heart, for the bridegroom dwells in our heart. selfishness, pride, jealousy, envy.. these dont stop being sinful when it comes to sexual relations. How be it that we fear std's when Jesus ate with unwashed hands? Make love, not war. Greet every brother with a holy kiss. love your brothers and sisters as you would love your own body. Love them as you would love Christ's body, for they are the body of Christ. Share everything. Our God is Love and Truth. Jesus forgave the world and told us not to worry about what will will eat or wear, like we were in the Garden before we sinned. Believe in the power of the Blood of Christ, it is the only covering of marriage we need.

  2. If more people would spend time in prayer and with God`s Holy World there would be less anxiety over not only their future but that of the world. He is the truth and the light and holds the key to the here and now as well as eternity.

  3. I've yet to hear any mention of execution of "existing, proven contingency & emergency plans" at ever hierarchy level;

    NOR verification of existance of previously paid-for emergency supplies, equipment, pharmaceuticals (BILLION of dollars diverted, many politicians became millionares).

    We seem to default to reinventing the wheel with each crisis, ignoring supposed pre-existing pre-funded systems & structures, MASSIVE pre-stockpiled broad-spectrum resources, including billion rounds ammo for DeepState.

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