CBN NewsWatch AM: March 12, 2020

CBN NewsWatch AM: March 12, 2020

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  1. Pence Decries "Irresponsible Rhetoric"​

    Sure! There is a virus that so far has been touted as degrees more dangerous than the common flu. The amount of damage above and beyond common flu is still being debated and likewise pandered by both sides. But what VP Pence and most Republicans ignore is the fact that this 'hyper-inflated' plague by the same Leftist Media that spent the last 4 years selling Fake Russian Election Interference, Fake Collusion and a Fake Impeachment are one and the same media that stands with Socialist Solidarity with the Democrat Party. And that means Corona Virus will end the Republican Party in the 20' election. Even this comment may end up removed by Facebook and Yahoo as the Left sold the bill of goods that any criticism of the quarantines and any claims that China manufactured this disease must be censored. Again with the Communist Censorship against Conspiracy Theories.

    Right Wing Conservative Christians are going to see their Armageddon Prophecy heading in the right direction with this scare. Using the 'Sky is Falling" with Climate Change didn't work so now the Socialist Democrats switched to an easier sale- the use of a plague like disease to swing a win this November. How politically correct the Democrats are- they used a real disease that can be proved and forced Republicans into default Bi-Partisanship. But no matter how much Trump bends to the Lefts use of the scientific community the bottom line is he's already lost the next election. Don't get me wrong- I will be voting Trump/Pence in November, unless I die from the flu.

  2. But there are consequences for all things. Quarantines at major sporting events may have the effect of 'bursting the bubble' of sports addictions. Those guys and gals that spend thousands every year to get 50 yard line seating and such at NFL, NBA, etc. are now very unhappy. They have for decades made every game and having to watch it all on TV could be the 'snap of the fingers' that sets them free of sports hypnosis. The Pro-sports community may have destroyed their own show beyond repair. Live action has always been the crux of fan worship. Sure! A few weeks or a couple months from now the arena's will fill up with fans, but a percentage of the hardcore attendees could be gone for good.

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