Trump Suspends Travel from Europe as US Coronavirus Containment Kicks Into High Gear

Trump Suspends Travel from Europe as US Coronavirus Containment Kicks Into High Gear

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  1. It Is more Lethal because the Chinese mixed it with AIDS, as Well as other viruses, to use for Bacterial Warfare!!! The Lord God Is Using this for JUDGMENT, on the Wicked Nations of this World!!!!

  2. To HELL with anything the EU SAY  ! The EU IS A SATANIC GLOBALIST BODY for open boarders and the free passage of #Coronavirus #Diseases  and complete Brussels Control . having NO RESPECT FOR THE NATIONS cultural differences . poisoning all of Europe WITH SATANIC ISLAM  !  no different goals than SATANIC CHINA  which DEMANDS COMPLETE CONTROL over the will of ALL PEOPLE ….  EU LEADERS YOUR DEMONS FROM HELL !

  3. Mr. Trump suffers of lack of humbliness. The number of people infected in the US is soaring day by day crossing 1,000, without counting those people who have no health insurance and don't go to see the doctor, therefore these numbers are camouflaged. He is very arrogant. Neither the US nor any country in the world will spared from the plague.

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