News on The 700 Club: March 13, 2020

As seen on “The 700 Club,” March 13, 2020.:



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  1. @cbnnews the video of that worker supposedly sanitizing the school clearly shows they're not reading the instructions on the solution. You must leave the solution on the surface for a minimum of 10 minutes for it to kill anyting. Ask the word on.

  2. The coronavirus is not the enemy lady wake up. It's the New World Order that's the enemy. This is a man-made virus it's owned by a biotech firm in California they also have the cure for it because they've applied for the patent. Which can only mean one thing the virus was given and released on purpose. Democrats are loving it it's hurting Trump's economy. He even has had to stop his rallies now. Which by the way are getting three times the attendance that the Arenas can handle. I know cuz I went to three of them this year already. The enemy is Coronavirus of the brain. We don't have toilet paper in America that should prove this point pretty well

  3. Prayer is number one for all in truly trusting & abiding in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also practically, learn & act if you decide on using the product: Alkaline Structured Silver Solution that kills virus on contact. For information on product online type –see my doctor suggests dot com (without spaces) Dr. Pedersen's natural silver solution lab shows this silver solution kills virus on contact. Alkaline Structured Silver Solution – boost the body's immune system & has protected from other forms of virus infection and showing it protects the body from other forms of viruses getting into the body.

  4. One last point, Jesus said you cannot serve two masters, Here is where humanity decides which they will serve by showing which is more important to them, Holy God or their mammon! Trust in Holy GOD or trust in materialism! Chose this day whom you will each serve!

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