A new perspective on the ‘interim’ status

I just completed my very first interim pastorate. Well, I guess all of my pastorates have been interim, since I am no longer serving at any one of those churches. Come to think of it… I suppose all pastors are interim if you factor in enough time, and all church members too, including deacons. But, I think you know what I mean.

I had the privilege of serving a local congregation during the “in between” time the church had a “permanent” pastor. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I can assure you that I received the greater blessing. However, the experience has shifted my perspective on life a little bit and on my own “interim” status. Why? Because I knew going in I was not going to be their pastor for very long.

I write this from the house in which I grew up, you know the one Miranda Lambert sang about, “The House that Built Me”? We moved here when I was in first grade. I am here visiting my 85 year-old dad and celebrating the arrival of the newest addition to the family. My brother’s youngest daughter just gave birth to a healthy baby boy. This is his first grandchild and my father’s first great grandchild. Not sure exactly what that makes me, a great uncle I suppose (at least that is what google said), we will wait to see if I live up to the title.

All of that to say, when did this happen? I grew up throwing the football in the front yard with my cousins, while trying not to run over the toddler, the one who would delay the game by wandering onto the field in front of the NFL caliber talent at play. Now that toddler has had a baby of her own. The NFL talent has not changed, it just comes from my sons’ as I call a timeout from the huddle to the line of scrimmage to catch my breath.

During the timeout, it dawns on me, everything has changed. I just never really thought this would all move so fast. I was always going to be young, my parents would always be there to take care of me, and I could always get open on the “go” route. But that is no longer true and all of that was never meant to last for long. Neither is this world, we are only passing through.

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Our true forever home comes through repentance and faith in Jesus. I trust you have made the necessary arrangements. If you are unsure, you need to reach out to your local church immediately and ask someone there how to make sure you will miss Hell and make Heaven. Or call the MBF office and we will be happy to help. I wonder if you have made the necessary legal arrangements to make sure you and your family will be protected when your “interim” status ends.

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I just downloaded my Dad’s Power of Attorney document on my phone, just in case I need to show it to a hospital or physician someday. That prompted me to review my Trust document and have realized I need to update a couple of addresses and get the right POD on the new bank account I just opened. Why, because I am an “interim” on this earth, and so are you, whether you want to admit it or not. 

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