White House Says Next 15 Days Critical to Slowing Spread of Coronavirus

White House Says Next 15 Days Critical to Slowing Spread of Coronavirus



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  1. It's too late. If they haven't stopped it before, how can they stop it now? Should've banned air travel everywhere before, but everyone in the world was complacent for too long so now here we are. Should've nipped the bud back when it was just starting in China, not now when it has spread to every corner of the world.

  2. The whole point of this is to bankrupt Americans. We have heard for years how the psycho leftists want a recession so they can get Trump out of office. The virus is a mute point. The true pandemic is the treasonous criminals running this country.

  3. Shutting down the economy is TERRIBLE policy. Poverty guarantees the spread of diseases. I truly wish those who call themselves Christian knew to put their faith in wisdom of Jesus and not a type of flu. So foolish to strain at a gnat, but swallow a camel.

  4. It's good that this virus thing isn't serious and will just wash through… Or else you might catch the Fed providing Liquidity bailouts (aka liquidity support) to over-leveraged markets and businesses who have been taking advantage of low rate credit and haven't been paying down their debt. Best is the citizen support will be in the form of a check (checks in the mail) maybe at some time (but you know politics) – "Checks in the mail", – says someone who's had trouble paying bills in the past. Funny that markets & business already got $2.1 Trillion under 4 business days. LMAO

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