Tony Perkins on the Power of Prayer to Fight the Coronavirus

Tony Perkins on the Power of Prayer to Fight the Coronavirus

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  1. Let's remember our financial system is based on "In God We Trust." And for that reason we will be just fine. As the Brits said in WWII "Keep Claim and Carry On."  People know how to video conference, Doc U Sign etc etc. This thing is really not as bad as the fear of this thing. 

    May God Bless you Brothers!

  2. Have mercy upon us Lord
    We your people are praying and seeking your help in this crisis.
    For we know that our help comes from you. You are God’ creator of all things. . We are looking in expectation to you for what you are about to do. We love you, we thank and Praise you in Jesus Name. Amen!!

  3. To this day there have not been an single prayerhealed/ miraclehealed that have been by something else then by placebo effect or by spontaneus reggressio ! Not an single case ! No where on earth ! Get educated ! Not fooled !

  4. Believers…so no believers in Italy ? Virus is God's creation, so please respect God's creatures for once. The virus will help you to meet God pretty soon, so don't be afraid. But wait..wich God ? it appears there no difference in countries for this virus, so I'll like to pray but where ? who ? and the virus answers : kill them all God will know his own. ok good for me. As I lost my soul on my birth, let's take care of my body. From France.

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