'We're Going Big:' Trump Pushes Coronavirus Stimulus Package with Cash for Americans

‘We’re Going Big:’ Trump Pushes Coronavirus Stimulus Package with Cash for Americans



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  1. Does anyone know who will get part of this stimulus package. Like people that work, people that are on benefits, people that haven't worked but have been looking for work, house wife's or husband's, homeless etc?

  2. All of this is to condition people to give away their rights. They told you to "self quarantine", they want you to control yourself. People, they want you to control your own movement, voluntarily. They don't want even to arrest you, they want you to voluntarily self quarantine, and your community/other people will help to regulate that, they will call you out if they see you outside ! Smh. So, we self regulate ourselves, and the government sits back watching us do it for ourselves!
    So, we cannot have large gatherings but the government can. They put the national guard at the store to keep us from rioting. There haven't been any riots, people are fine, acting cool, but they're going to put the population in quarantine and the national guard on the streets as a show of force in case the citizens want to riot. But they can gather ! They don't restrict the national guard and the police to 10 at a time. People, you have military bases on your neighborhood, with hundred of thousand of military personnel. They leave the base every day and they're not restricted. They want you to surrender people. The government always wants you to worship them, they want you to honor them, they want you to seek their protection. They want you to surrender, to obey, and to stay. Now people, patriots, are you free or are you slaves ? Listen, there is NOT a crisis, there is a panic. This so called v*rus it's nothing extraordinary, it's nothing like they are telling you. All they say is "maybe, maybe, but the symptoms, but the models say this and that", and people are surrendering everything to the government. They are surrendering their life, they are surrendering their rights for nothing. People, "they" needed this panic. People the panic is real, our response better be real also. Now, get prepared, not for the so called v*rus, but for what the government might do. Stay in prayer, remember who's in charge, and who we are as a people. Never give up your freedom for any amount of safety. GOD bless.

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