Coronavirus Not Just a Boomer Disease After All: 38% of Hospitalized Cases Are 20-58 Years Old

Coronavirus Not Just a Boomer Disease After All: 38% of Hospitalized Cases Are 20-58 Years Old



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  2. The mainline narrative on the infectiousness of nCoV-2 is starting to get a bit muddled. Case in point, a British lab researching a cure has been recruiting young people to get sick with the coronavirus, evidently to test therapies. And yet Florida is having an issue containing a young population from living their normal lives, so now the media is trying scare them by reporting that they are now just as susceptible as the old, with devastating lung damage. This outbreak is starting to sound more and more contrived all the time. To what means, is yet to be seen

  3. We know that since 80% won’t have any symptoms other than a cold, and less than 1% will die, (which is those with weak immune systems and underlying medical conditions), that this means 19% of the populace of various ages will get sick with varying degrees of symptoms, some fairly serious and hospitalized over it, but they will recover.

  4. This kind of reporting is so irresponsible. Repeating statistics without context is inexcusable. Based on this info, 62% of those hospitalized are over the age of sixty. How many of the remaining 38% are over 50? How many cases 40 and under? Just note how many views CBN gets for this video ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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