CBN NewsWatch AM: March 20, 2020

The state of California on lock-down to help contain Coronavirus. The latest on possible treatments for COVID-19 and why it’s so important Americans “stay at home.” Word on a global prayer movement, how virus prevention is playing out … …



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  1. I look forward each day to watch the cbn news. I depend on their unquestioned honesty to bring the world news into my home. I'm sure cbn has considered doing a daily national weather forecast and if not I'd like to see here on cbn.

  2. I have severe arthritis and was prescribed plaquenil and only took 2 pills because the side affects made it to where I couldn't function and go to work. Still have them. I guess it will be like gold if they run out of this medicine.

  3. The end has begun. Jesus had prophesied that it would happen.This is only the begging and it will get much worse. This could be the global catastrophe that brings Tribulation. Mathew 24:08 " The beginnings of Sorrows". The only reason I'm putting this out there is so you all have a chance to prepare for a worse case scenario. I'm not trying to fear monger; i love my brothers & sisters in Christ so I'm Blowing the Horn.

  4. When YAHWEH touches the world, the world stands still !! All revelry from Hollywood to Bollywood, stadiums, politics, and all the filth of lawlessness that has been increasing since ages has come to a halt. The world will not learn though, nevertheless it's a warning to the nations and world at large.

  5. My question to CBN News Is: "Why don't they discussed what these 2020 Flu Shots contained for 2020???? No. one is talking about that 2020 Flu Shots given to people 2020????.The flu shot killed children, adults, & children were having Heart Attacks & One Young Girl 5 years was blind after take 2020 Flu Shot! Now that need to be discussed.

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