‘God of Revival’: How You Can Worship from Home This Sunday, or Any Day for That Matter

Many Christians around the globe aren’t able to worship with their church family this weekend, but there are still ways you can turn this Sunday into a profound worship experience.

Of course, as followers of Christ, we can always connect with God any day through prayer and reading the Bible. But most of us are used to celebrating our faith on a different level on Sundays.

Hopefully, your church will be able to broadcast a live sermon and worship songs on Facebook or their website, but if your church is smaller or limited with technology, here’s one way for you to engage in worship. We’ve compiled a few powerful videos of worship songs that will build your faith and push back that fear that’s being felt around the world. Enjoy them as you seek God’s presence in your home (you may have to skip a few ads to stay in a worshipful place) :

“God of Revival”

  • Worship along, and as you worship, pray 2 Chronicles 7:14 at the 5-minute mark in the song, asking God to heal our land – led by the team from Bethel Worship and Phil Wickham. - shop now!

“Awake My Soul” - shop now!
  • A great new song from Hillsong Worship we can sing to encourage our own souls to awaken to all that God has for our lives:

“Be Enthroned”

  • Some straight-up vertical worship to get our eyes off our problems and onto Jesus, led by Jeremy Riddle at Bethel Church.


  • God will always make a way, no matter what our world looks like, God is bigger, and He is for you, not against you.

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