'In a Time of Crisis, We Run to the Fire': Samaritan's Purse Sends DART Medical Team to Italy

‘In a Time of Crisis, We Run to the Fire’: Samaritan’s Purse Sends DART Medical Team to Italy



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  1. To all millennial Bernie Bros
    Are you enjoying the restrictions upon your constitutional freedoms imposed by governors from cross this land in response to the Wuhan virus over the last 3 days?
    If so, enjoy the burn.

    For the rest of you millennials, this is but a minut fraction of a minut foretaste of the socialism that you are so enamored with.
    It only gets worse from here.

    Is this what you want or United States of America?

    🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸⭐Trump 2020⭐🇺🇸⭐🇺🇸

  2. Why have their gods not rid the planet of this chinese kung flu.4 months on and the religious followers of faith have been forced by the Secular courts to lock their doors until humanity and science finds a cure.Religious sects have ordered their armies of slaves to just prey.When you should be seeking immediate answers from your gods regarding their non-appearances and abysmal record of failure to act.

  3. Covid-19 The chinese kung flu is here, invisibly but it is here.Are the gods of religion the same as all vile viruses and invisible to the eye.Religion hides behind apologies when crisis arises, proven so over the centuries.

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